Efficiency rating test


  • This system is for popular products that have a high energy consumption and they are rated from 5 to 1 grade. By attaching the energy consumption label to the products, it prohibits producing and selling products that do not meet the lowest efficiency standards
  • This is a mandatory system for all domestic and foreign manufacturers, applying to 22 different items of home appliances and lighting devices, etc., and is the key role of Efficiency Management System. (Korea Energy Management Corporation supervises it.)

Certification Procedure

Display equipment of manufacturer (importer): As of the manufactured date → ① Request the test, ② Issue the report → Efficient management testing lab, Korea Testing Laboratory → ③ Notify of the result → Korea Energy Management Corporation → ④ Report the product,⑤ Confirm the report → ⑥ Provide the information → Consumers
  • Report Product
    • At the website of Korea Energy Management Corporation (Shortcut- Energy Efficiency System – Report Product), domestic manufacturers (local goods) and domestic importers (imported goods) must report the product directly. There is no cost to report the product, and the product report must be done within 60 days from the date of receiving the test report from the Efficiency Management System or getting the test report on your own.
  • Grade Report Procedure
    • When requesting a test, domestic manufacturers (local goods) and domestic importers (imported goods) must request a test and the test report will be issued under the name of the applicant. But, when the same product from the same foreign manufacturer is being imported by multiple domestic importers, each importer shall request a test and receive the test report under their names. However, for this case, the importers also must report the product individually to Korea Energy Management Corporation. (=> Please visit English website of Korea Energy Management Corporation)