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International Electrical Equipment Certification System

It is an international certification system for the safety of electrical and electronic products, and depending on IECEE/CB SCHEME, it is an international mutual recognition system to certify products without repeating tests between member states.


IECEE (IEC System for Conformity Testing and Certification of Electrical Equipment) is a system formed between IEC and CEE in September, 1985, and the CEE was established in 1946 for the purpose of skipping duplicate tests on already-tested electrical equipment amongst European member states, of mutually recognizing the products and of promoting international trade.
IECEE allows member states to mutually recognize the tested results, simplifying the certification process of each country where non-tariff trade technical obstacles emerge, to benefit and promote trade between member states and to reduce workload of testing labs in each country.

Certification Process

01.Consult → 02.Fill out an application → 03.Submit samples and documents (including fees) → 04.Conduct the test → 05.Issue the certificate or the report